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Joint ventures in China's shipbuilding industry

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    Industry standard

    Chief Editor of Four National Standards for Gaskets and One Marine Industry Standard

  • 02

    Authoritative recognition

    It has been applied in shipbuilding industry for more than ten years without any leakage accident, and has been tested and approved by the authoritative units of the state.

  • 03

    Widely applied

    It is widely used in shipbuilding, chemical industry, power generation, petroleum, automobile, aircraft manufacturing, boiler and other industries, especially in shipbuilding industry.

Yangzhong Binyang Special Gasket Packing Co., Ltd.

Yangzhong Binyang Special Gasket Packing Co., Ltd., a joint venture of China's shipbuilding industry, is a professional manufacturer of marine flange gaskets, aramid oil-resistant rubber gaskets KQG-001 and marine valve packing. It is the editor-in-chief of four national gaskets standards and one marine industry standard. Located in Youfang Town, Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province, known as the "Pearl of the River, the Land of Fish and Rice". Founded in 1986, our factory produces more than 400 tons of oil-resistant rubber gaskets and other gaskets and fillers annually.

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